Boracay in Pictures

Starting today, April 26, 2018, the famed island of Boracay in the Philippines will be closed to tourists to pave the way for the necessary island-wide clean up – which includes road widening or repairs, proper sewerage system, demolition of the illegal structures near the shores, etc.. (I actually do not know how huge the environmental issue the island is facing right now, so I will leave that to the experts to explain or the media to report. Just google them.) Well, at least for the next 6 months, no tourists will be allowed in the island. Only local residents with proper ID will be permitted to enter and even swim in the designated beach.

While, personally I agree with the clean up (it is high time!), however I can’t help but also feel bad for those who rely on the island’s tourism to feed their families. It is hard especially after I’ve witnessed about a month ago how some local residents, workers and even some business owners gathered along the shoreline of Boracay’s White Beach to protest against the total closure. It was an emotional moment.

For now, I just want to share some photos I’ve taken during my short trip there last month. I’d say Boracay is still gorgeous, but yes, the island needs to take a breather.



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